André Merizzi, partner at MERIZZI RAMSBOTTOM & FORSTER, will be co-presenting at the Ottawa Tech Tuesday event on May 3rd, 2016. Registration details can be found at the bottom of the Ottawa Tech Tuesday release below…..
Protecting Your IP
It Could Prove Ever More Vital …

During our Speaker Series last season, we spent some time on the subject of protecting your technology and IP, particularly in the software world of today, where barriers to international competition are down.

For our May TechTuesday entertainment, we are happy to have Rob Krten (still pronounced “Curtain”) back to speak. Rob is a local contractor in the embedded/security technology area, having spent time with companies such as Cisco Systems, Broadcom, QNX and MDS Nordion, and this time he will share his recent, real-world journey through the patent process with us.

Rob will be joined in his presentation by patent strategist André Merizzi from Merizzi, Ramsbottom & Forster (, who will provide colour commentary on Rob’s adventure, and fill in any gaps or best practices that could help.

We hope this first-hand accounting of a still-critical aspect of building corporate assets and value will interest ICT employers and professionals, and anyone else wanting insight. We look forward to seeing you that evening …